Hospitality Management, Organic Garden Project
Libby E. Gustin Ph.D – Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences
Research: Responsible Environmental Behavior in the Hospitality Industry
Guest Lecturer, Kelli Johnson of LBCAP’s Spring Street Farm Project
Subject:  seed starting and growing vegetables, Thu Sept 13

Project description: Students formed three teams for the end of semester lunch challenge. Teams will plant an organic vegetable garden-from seed- and use the resulting produce as major components of their menu. They will also source additional produce items from LBCAP’s Spring Street Farm Stand.

Planting Mix and Definitions:
2’ x 4’ x 1’ raised bed garden boxes
untreated wood, and 1/4” hardware cloth on the bottom
8 cubic feet of planting space
1-3 cu ft bag planting mulch
1-3cu ft bag of garden compost
1-1cu ft bag of worm castings
1 5 gal bucket of composted chicken manure
couple of scoops of perlite

inorganic, inert and sterile
no known toxicity or fire hazard
prevents compaction, improves aeration and drainage
does not decompose, so it lasts for years
insulates and minimizes temperature fluctuations
almost neutral pH
holds moisture, but does not becomes soggy
free from disease, weeds and insects

Composted Chicken Manure-
home made soil from the Spring Street Farm chicken coop
deep litter method is used in coop, which is layering straw and mulch alternatively
composted soil is harvested from the coop once per year

Worm Castings-
are the organic material that has been digested by worms-worm poop
Worm Castings have many beneficial microbes which are important for:
Growing healthier plants
Improving soil texture
Providing water soluble nutrients to the plants
Worm Castings have the texture of coarse coffee grounds or peat moss.

Planting Mulch and Garden Compost-
Family Tree Premium Organic Forest Products*
These are composted forest products cedar and redwood and 100% recycled furniture and wood industry by-product

*no animal or human sludge is used in the Family Tree product line.  Check the labels and research the brands you use for soil!

Day One Organic Garden Project – Thursday September 13, 2012

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