Chicken & Duck Photo Gallery


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These are the formal breeders’ portraits of our heirloom hens.  Many of the original batch of 50 day old chicks still reside at the [Green Lab] Poultry Palace.  Our sentimental favorites, the Crested Variety, were getting hen pecked and went to kinder quarters.   Cluckingham Palace is one of our gentle-recue coops.  They are just chock full of Polish over there!  Some of our chicks went to local families who are just beginning their chicken keeping journey and some to experienced keepers of the fowl.  We did end up with a few roosters, and they go out to a poultry club for their 4H breeding program.

In June 2011, we entered the wonderful world of ducks.  10 little ducklings arrived at the post office one early morning…and in no time at all they were as big as the hens!  We have three breeds, all good egg layers.


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