Grow a Lot, Give a Lot

Grow a Lot, Give a Lot
Planting to fill food banks in Long Beach

2 years ago The Salvation Army had 350 clients seeking food assistance per month, that number has grown to more than 1700 per month.

To honor the mission of the Salvation Army and to support their weekly food assistance program, LBCAP is launching a new healthy food initiative “Grow a Lot. Give a Lot”.   LBCAP will dedicate several garden rows solely to help restock the pantry of their neighbor The Salvation Army with fresh fruits and vegetables for distribution to over 1700 people seeking food assistance each month.   This program will also help match up community gardeners, school gardens, farmers markets, and gleaning organizations to various local food banks.

If you would like to participate in this program
please write to


4 responses to “Grow a Lot, Give a Lot

  1. Where can we buy your produce? I looked all over your website, but couldn’t figure out exactly where you sell it? Thanks.

    • Hi there!! We will be selling out of the farm stand on the corner of Spring and Elm. Please sign up for the email alerts or check back on the site. We will post an announcement when it opens. There is also a farm box delivery option in the works too. Please email if you are interested in that. Thank you for your interest!

  2. I am interested on a few different levels. I’d love to see the place with my young daughter, Olivia. I am also interested buying the produce and eggs.

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