The Farm Desk Resource Library-
We are collecting books, seed catalogs, industry pamphlets, trade publications and agricultural ephemera.  We will accept monetary or print donations to help us build the collections.  If you are at a garage sale, antique swap, library sale or used book store and see something for the collection, please text the info to 562-528-6259…begin text with “book alert” and then the pertinent information and we’ll try to send a picker out to gather the bounty!

The Farm Desk Resource Library is being cataloged  using Library Thing.

These are a few of my favorite things:

75 Exceptional Herbs is a beautiful book, full of vibrantly illustrated color plates.  Extra special because I picked it up at Cornerstone in Sonoma with the sister-in-law, Kelly.  It was a fabulous garden Show indeed!

Enlivened Rock Powders has some incredible science and history and appeals to my hippie upbringing.  I am going to work my way through this book quickly and I can already tell it is one of those reads that opens a thousand new conversations.  Picked up at the Eco Farm 2011, a wonderful experience and great memory.

Ah!  The Backyard Homestead is my first backyard chicken bible and wheat field how-to manual.  This has a little bit about everything you need to know to turn your home in to a homestead.  A sentimental fave!!


One response to “Books

  1. Always on the lookout for The Farm Desk Resource Library and spreading the word as well!

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