Green Lab

Green Lab Urban Farm began in July 2009 when The Salvation Army agreed to let us garden empty lot of 50 X 150 feet and 15 kids, ages 14 to 24.  After 8 weeks, we had a good start on our teaching garden.  11 raised beds 4′ x 16′, a 2′ x 60′ bee and butterfly garden, and some vertical trellises.  The next cohort of teens built the chicken coop, planted 400 linear feet of winter crops, a wheat field and an experimental vertical strawberry tower.  We now have a barn, a habitat garden, our 2nd wheat crop, a rain gutter system for seed starting measuring 200 linear feet in a 24’ footprint, a brand new orchard and almost 1 acre under cultivation with a farm stand on site to open spring 2011.

In June, we are launching a pilot program in aquaculture and aquaponics.  We will use this process to help us prepare for a larger collaboration on a commercial venture in Long Beach.

Nancy Caruso, Marine Biologist and Founder of Get Inspired! Inc, leads scientific expeditions, teaches in OC schools and runs several ocean restoration projects.  The Kelp Fest this April 16 celebrates the restoration of the giant kelp forest of the coast of Laguna Beach.  Her students, over 800 of them grow kelp in the classroom that is then planted on the reefs off the coast by Nancy and a team of professional divers

Nancy will design and install a tank system to grow tilapia on a small scale out at our Green Lab.  We will hold workshops and training sessions for families, farmers and individuals interested in growing fish!  For more information, please feel free to call or write anytime.  Also check the meet up group-The Farm Desk Set for class schedules and information. or 562-528-6259.


One response to “Green Lab

  1. Hi there, my name is Amy Dolim. I am a horticulture student and community gardener. I am very curious to know if you have any positions open at the farm. I am sure I would be an asset to your cause.

    Thanks for your time and best wishes,
    Amy Dolim

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