Drought Tolerant Gardens

Another project of LBCAP and our local partners to support the Green Jobs Initiatives being put forth in the City of Long Beach.

In developing the 1 acre lot on Elm Avenue at Spring Street in Memorial Heights, we wanted to mitigate blight and foster good will in the community.  The two northern most parcels on Elm Avenue face homes, so we wanted to create a lovely residential view for those residents across the street.  The idea of landscaping little “faux (front) yards” was born.

To support the City’s Office of Sustainability, we asked several designers, living, working and teaching along the Atlantic Corridor to come up with drought tolerant garden plans.

The first installation was the Hughes Goes Green Labyrinth.  A fun and interactive option for a yard.  It’s nice to run through the labyrinth or just find a spot to sit and watch life happen.  Grasses, Santa Barbara Daisy, Yarrow and Crape Myrtle are but a  few of the drought tolerant plants chosen to be carefree and habitat forming!

The second project was designed by Garden of Eva.  She has put together a small space packed with edibles.  From lemon trees and passion vines, to a rosemary hedge.  I look forward to watching this garden mature and become a resource for the kitchen as well as being just beautiful.

Up Next

Long Beach City College’s
Horticulture Department Head and Instructor, Jorge Ochoa is teaching a group of returning Veterans about Drought Tolerant design, irrigation and installation.  We are thrilled to be the site for their field project!  The parkway along Spring Street from Elm Avenue to the West, is their blank slate.  We look forward to documenting the entire process and then everyone can enjoy the fruits of our labor.



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