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Food Revolution Day 2013

Tomorrow is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day!  It is Jamie Oliver’s mission to revolutionize children’s relationship with food.  People have stopped passing down the skills of scratch cooking and home made meals…it’s time to teach our young people who to cook again!  We believe in this mission whole heartedly and believe good nutrition and healthy food service is a path to self sufficiency.  So let’s celebrate that we are having this conversation – and keep your eyes open for opportunities to support this in our community for our children and for our future!frd-Tagline-graphic-a5-horizontal-bg


The Abundance of Summer

2011_6_2-Mystery-boxHere is a great article about cooking, preserving and enjoying local summer crops.  The onslaught of squash is heading our way now!  The Kitchn has a whole series of tips-I have to have this book titled – The City Cook, Big City, Small Kitchen, Limitless Ingredients, No Time.  Sound familiar?!2011_6_2-The-City-Cook-cover

Edible Weeds-

The “weed” pictured above is known as Lamb’s Quarter or Goosefoot.  We have TONS of weeds at the farm…in the rows, around the fence and in the raised beds.  I read somewhere, that the weeds in your garden can tell you a lot about the soil.  What it has going for it and what it is lacking.

So it seems that the Lamb’s Quarter is common in gardens with very rich soil.  Specifically in yards with animals doing the fertilizing.  So while our chickens and ducks pastured in the garden this fall, they were tilling, fertilizing and weeding…they also set the stage for a bumper crop of this tasty green.  It is used like spinach greens, and I already know the chickens love it.

A Central Park forager has an extensive list of wild edibles and recipes, Wild Man Steve Brill.  Maybe I will look him up next week on our visit!

Friday January 13, 2012 – Farm Stand!

This is the view from the stand looking north…terra cotta offices of LBCAP on the left…or just to the west.  The house peaking over the stand of English Peas as you enter the neighborhood of Memorial Heights.  Such a wonderful community!

If you look over the peas – to the other side of the mulch driveway, you will find 900 linear feet of strawberry plants.  And there are little spots of shiny red fruit just starting to appear…

If you peak under the leaves…you will see there are many more on their way!!

Cheers!!  The first strawberries of the season, warm from the sun…were delicious.

Farm Box-Farm Stand January 13th

Today is Friday, January 13th and the stand will be open all day, from 10am-5pm.

It is located on the corner of Spring Street at Elm Avenue nestled off to the side of the Spring Street Farm Project with row after row of berries and veggies. Swing by and shop…or just grab a box!  A selection of just picked goodness has been packed up for you, it’s practically a drive through.

Today’s farm box contains:
Romaine lettuce
Red leaf lettuce
Brussel Sprouts
Red Potatoes
Red Onion
Fennel and

They sell out early, if you pre-order for next week, Tuesday or Friday we’ll make sure to save you one!! And if you want to add a dozen eggs, we can do hen, duck or a combination of the two!!

Fresh Today in the Farm Stand!

We have brown eggs, blue eggs, white eggs, duck eggs, small eggs, extra large eggs…

This morning around 7am – Shelly was getting a little disturbed by our gathering and decided to fly the coop and grab some chow…

Thanks Ladies! We gathered 23 eggs this morning…I think a week of 80 plus degrees has tricked them in to thinking it’s spring! I am also feeding them in the sunny south facing section of the garden and have made sure they can take their dust baths against the south facing wall. The micro climate there has got to be at least one zone closer to the equator…I am going to go ahead and plant the beans on the trellis’ there in our long and narrow garden bed.

Stop by for fresh eggs – and a new year of strawberries has begun- the winter root stock is already producing and the berries are in and on the table. Carrots are amazing, the romaine lettuce looked grand and the leeks are positively pristine!! There are onions, celery and much more…

Text me with questions or if you need directions! 562-528-6259

Extraordinary Eggs!

Healthy and delicious eggs from pastured hens are available at our Farm Stand every week. Tuesdays and Fridays from 10m-5pm.  Tomorrow we will have fresh chicken and duck eggs available – $3 per 1/2 dozen, or buy 18 for only $8

Interesting facts about eggs include:

There are over 150 breeds of domestic chickens.

Their eggs are a variety of colors from white, brown, green, blue and even pink!

Hens can lay eggs without a rooster. The eggs will never hatch though, as they are unfertilized.

It takes a chicken 24-26 hours to produce an egg.

Once a year chickens go through a molting process, where they grow new feathers.  This takes about 9 weeks and they do not lay any eggs during this time!

An unwashed egg can stay fresh for six months, if it is refrigerated shortly after being laid. Washing the egg removes the bloom-a thin protein coating that stops harmful bacteria from penetrating through the eggs porous shell-so a fresh egg shouldn’t be washed until just before cooking.

Eggs from hens like ours are a lot healthier than most supermarket eggs. USDA nutrient data shows that compared to commercial eggs, eggs from hens allowed to peck on pasture may contain up to: 1/3 cholesterol – 1/4 less saturated fat – 2/3 more vitamin A – 2 times more omega 3 fatty acids – 3 times more vitamin E – 7 times more beta carotene and 4-6 times as much vitamin D!

Healthy and delicious eggs from pastured hens are available at our Farm Stand every week. Tuesdays and Fridays from 10m-5pm.