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Bitter Melon Juice

bitter-gourd   I guess it’s time to grow bitter melon.  I have some seeds from Kitazawa Seed and this article about bitter melon juice potentially fighting pancreatic cancer makes it a must grow! “Researchers from the University of Colorado Cancer Center found that the juice of the bitter melon — a green squash-shaped produce with a bumpy skin — could stop pancreatic cancer cells from metabolizing glucose. This is important because cancer cells need this energy in order to survive — and blocking off their glucose supply kills them.” Read the whole article here.  Look for bitter melon juice at the farm stand this summer…


Fruit Tree Tour

The Common Vision Buses rolled up around 10am on Saturday March 12th. We were moving mulch and readying the space right up until 4pm on Friday!

We all got busy digging holes…40 of them. Lots of shovels, wheelbarrows, and digging!

Eagle Scout candidate, DJ and his family stopped by for a few hours of hard labor.

DJ’s mentor on his Eagle Project (a shade structure for our picnic area), John Forsha and his wife Marilyn.

All of the trees looked like the one above….lots of branches with buds and flowers…until the hard prune!  The graft line on each of the tree faces north to protect from sunburn, the trees are pruned down to the height of their roots, irrigation set up on automatic drip system and now we wait.

So Cal Harvest-

So Cal Harvest invited LBCAP and the fabulous Green Jobs Interns along for the first fruit tree harvest of the new year!  Saturday January 8th marked the official start of the citrus collection 2011.  The orange tree at a private residence was loaded with approximately 150 pounds of tart juice oranges that will go to The Salvation Army on Monday.  For more information about So Cal Harvest and the process for donating your tree, please visit their website.  Thanks for including us Cindy!