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Food Revolution Day 2013

Tomorrow is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day!  It is Jamie Oliver’s mission to revolutionize children’s relationship with food.  People have stopped passing down the skills of scratch cooking and home made meals…it’s time to teach our young people who to cook again!  We believe in this mission whole heartedly and believe good nutrition and healthy food service is a path to self sufficiency.  So let’s celebrate that we are having this conversation – and keep your eyes open for opportunities to support this in our community for our children and for our future!frd-Tagline-graphic-a5-horizontal-bg


True Crime Novel: Tomatoland

In the back of our minds we know the common store-bought tomato is not worth purchasing.  We know that the T in a BLT or Caprese Salad in 90% of restaurant establishments will be a disappointment.  We know this, but have been able to look past it. Not only will you want to shun the agribusiness tomato, you will want to sign a petition and attend a rally against the Florida tomato.   The new book by Barry Estabrook -Tomatoland-shines a bright and unforgiving light on the immoral human rights violations taking place in the name of corporate greed.  This is just one of many of the inexplicable over sights and bad calls made by our own USDA.  Americans must demand that our government stop propping up these industries, corporations and CEOs.  We know better, now we need to do better.

Grow your own tomatoes.  Buy at farmers markets.  Can for winter. Take a break from tomatoes when they are unavailable locally.  Share this information with people that can make a difference, like the chefs and owners of your favorite restaurants and grocery store managers.

To read reviews and hear interviews follow the links below.  The information is grim, and everyone should be aware of the true costs of consumer apathy and indifference.  We are allowing corporate greed to ruin this country at every level, right down to the condiment on your fast food burger.

New York TimesNPRDaily Kos

BPA-free? Help!

In September 2010, Canada became the first country to declare BPA as a toxic substance.  It is what lines most cans and is used by manufacturers as a preservative.  It is estrogenic and BAD for you.

“While the FDA said last year that there is cause for concern over BPA’s potential effect on children.” they are still studying the effects and recommend reducing exposure?  “The FDA encouraged people to limit their exposure to BPA while public health officials are studying the issue.”

Frederick vom Saal, a biology professor at the University of Missouri at Columbia who is recognized as the leading researcher on BPA, says he does not eat or drink anything out of cans because almost all cans made in the United States are lined with BPA.

He recommends that consumers look for products marked “BPA-free,” which are getting easier to find in stores.  (Though I haven’t had much luck…)

“If a plastic container is hard and clear and doesn’t say ‘BPA-free,’ assume it’s made with BPA and don’t buy it,” suggests vom Saal, who uses only plastics marked on the bottom with recycling codes 2 and 5.

“Anything you can do to reduce the amount of BPA in your body will lower your risk of disease.”

The entire article can be read at the SF Gate, online magazine of the San Francisco chronicle.

A few Resources for jarred foods and information:

Euphoria Blog has done some research and shows that for .75 more per 12 ounce jar of canned tomato paste, you can avoid the can!

Crunch Chicken Blog has a great article on the quest for BPA free products.

The Soft Landing has a round up of products and a follow up on BPA products.

Garden of Eating has great info too.

Trader Joe’s in Bixby Knolls hasn’t carried Pomi products for some time, which is disappointing in that it was a staple item and BPA free.  TJs says all their boxed products are BPA free though, so I guess we can find something to eat and feel good about.  

The obvious solution is fresh whole food and home canning, which I plan do really dig in to this year!