Spring Street Farm’s Sunday Supper

January event ceremony 6pmI know our dance cards are getting full with Christmas up next and then New Year’s…but following right behind those events is January First Friday and Spring Street Farm’s Sunday Supper-both events taking place January 4th and 6th at the Expo Art Center in Bixby Knolls!

Consider adding a two seats at the Table to your Holiday giving…bring a loved one and enjoy a gourmet meal, locally sourced and prepared by a community of caring chefs in support of our community of children here in Long Beach.

This dinner is being hosted to raise awareness and a few dollars for our Farm to School Supper Club.  No child should go to bed hungry, but some do-right here in our city.  The Supper Club will help serve meals in the after school hours when kids may not get a hot meal at home.  We are also helping kids learn about making better choices when shopping for food and our teens are working on better access to good shopping options for healthy food!  A gift card and donation receipt is available too.  Enjoy the season!


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