Surveys and Petitions

From Donna at Long Beach Grows:

As you know, for several years now Long Beach Grows has been promoting food security through urban agriculture, including small scale animal husbandry. We have collected well over 1600 signatures on our pro urban agriculture petition, and have been communicating with city council and its sub-committees to relax the existing rules for keeping egg-laying poultry and goats and bees. However we have had recent resistance from Councilperson Gerrie Schipske, who created her own survey that is now online.

Thank you to everybody who has already signed our ORIGINAL petition and thanks to everybody who has said YES to chickens, goats, and bees on Gerrie Schipske’s survey. If you have only signed one or the other, please take the time to do both. We need power in numbers.

The City of Long Beach already allows keeping goats and chickens and bees in Long Beach. The issue is about changing outdated, prejudicial, misinformed rules about setbacks and zoning requirements.

Whether you already have chickens or goats or bees in Long Beach, or have been doing your research to decide whether this type of commitment is for you, or even if this is not in your personal plans but you respect other people’s rights to have these animals as pets, as a source of wholesome family education, and as a source of wholesome eggs and milk from animals treated humanely with your love and respect, then, if you haven’t done so already,  please sign our petition. This is not the time to be complacent.

Here is the link:
Plus, it would help me if you would indicate your district in the comment field.

Then, if you haven’t done so already, please take Councilperson Schipske’s survey to support ALL the recommended changes in favor of pro goat, pro chickens, and pro bees. Here is the link:

Thanks so much!

Donna Marykwas
Long Beach Grows
Growing a more sustainable future

P.S. Long Beach Grows is on facebook and yesterday I created two events, one to sign our petition, one to take Councilperson Schipske’s survey. If you are on facebook, please share these events with your like-minded friends. Or forward this email to them. Thanks.


One response to “Surveys and Petitions

  1. Good luck with all of this! At some point I would love to see this happen in my community. You are taking essential and visionary action. Securing a local food source is probably the most important thing HUMANS EVERYWHERE could do. TAke a stand, and I mean FOOD stand! Blessings, Allyson Adams

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