Edible Weeds-

The “weed” pictured above is known as Lamb’s Quarter or Goosefoot.  We have TONS of weeds at the farm…in the rows, around the fence and in the raised beds.  I read somewhere, that the weeds in your garden can tell you a lot about the soil.  What it has going for it and what it is lacking.

So it seems that the Lamb’s Quarter is common in gardens with very rich soil.  Specifically in yards with animals doing the fertilizing.  So while our chickens and ducks pastured in the garden this fall, they were tilling, fertilizing and weeding…they also set the stage for a bumper crop of this tasty green.  It is used like spinach greens, and I already know the chickens love it.

A Central Park forager has an extensive list of wild edibles and recipes, Wild Man Steve Brill.  Maybe I will look him up next week on our visit!


One response to “Edible Weeds-

  1. How frugal! Stinging nettles are the ultimate edible weed.

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