Fresh Today in the Farm Stand!

We have brown eggs, blue eggs, white eggs, duck eggs, small eggs, extra large eggs…

This morning around 7am – Shelly was getting a little disturbed by our gathering and decided to fly the coop and grab some chow…

Thanks Ladies! We gathered 23 eggs this morning…I think a week of 80 plus degrees has tricked them in to thinking it’s spring! I am also feeding them in the sunny south facing section of the garden and have made sure they can take their dust baths against the south facing wall. The micro climate there has got to be at least one zone closer to the equator…I am going to go ahead and plant the beans on the trellis’ there in our long and narrow garden bed.

Stop by for fresh eggs – and a new year of strawberries has begun- the winter root stock is already producing and the berries are in and on the table. Carrots are amazing, the romaine lettuce looked grand and the leeks are positively pristine!! There are onions, celery and much more…

Text me with questions or if you need directions! 562-528-6259


One response to “Fresh Today in the Farm Stand!

  1. Yum! One of my goals for this winter is to get my coop built finally!

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