This Weekend at the Farm-

The ducks, now  6 months old have begun to lay their eggs in nests on the ground.  The eggs are getting a little bigger each week.  We get about 6 every other day…pretty sure we have a few males.  The ducks are really messy, but very good security guards!  I do believe the quacking must deter predators as they are “on duty” at all times.  If I stop in to check the coop at night, the chickens are all tucked in for the night and the ducks all come rushing out of the coop yelling at the intrusion.  Very funny and pretty comforting too.

White Crested Duck at play in the garden.  The warm weekend made it irresistible  to get the hose out and play with them a little.  The planting bed they are stomping around in had been a basil patch over the summer and is usually planted by now with a crop of winter wheat for the chickens.  This year we let the bed “rest”, the chickens and ducks enjoying every last morsel of basil while they tilled, fertilized and managed any pests.  Peas are going in this week!

Two of our four Buff Orpingtons, better known in our flock as The Shellys (Named by a 9 year old boy-Big, Small, Mean and Nice Shelly) find plenty to do in the cool moist soil of the garden paths.

Chicken and Duck Eggs are available in the Farm Stand on Fridays from 10a-5p


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