Feathered Fabulousness

Taken yesterday in the late afternoon, this beauty is known as Cher, for her fabulous Bob Mackie feathered garb. She is fully dressed in her fresh and fluffy winter coat having molted a little earlier than the rest of the coop. I just read that it takes 9 weeks to grow a feather!  They stop laying eggs during this period and may not start again until spring…I certainly hope not!  I chose heavy breeds and good cold weather layers when researching for our flock.  They started laying last fall and went on laying well all year…until now.  Lots of high protein food and plenty of sunshine is what they need right now.

Stop by the farm any Friday (10a-5p) and visit our produce stand out on the corner of Elm and Spring St…and you can visit the chickens in the Green Lab teaching garden just north up the alley past the children’s orchard.

Enjoy a little Farm Life in the City Folks!  We welcome visitors, and volunteers!  Call, write or text  KelliJohnson1@mac.com, or 562-528-6259

See you in the fields!!


One response to “Feathered Fabulousness

  1. Great pix and info on “Cher” – she is a beauty. Thanks.

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