What’s Pho dinner?

Over here at the Spring Street Farm Project, we are just launching our weekly Vegetable Box program.  We start with the basics in the boxes…you know, the standard stock items- onion, celery, carrot (green bells during summer and the mire poix becomes the trinity).  Add some lettuces and seasonal pantry musts like tomato, zucchini, cucumber, asparagus, artichokes, peas, beans and you have a good foundation for whatever strikes your fancy.  Now for the fun part – ethnic add-ons!  Feeling like pho for dinner?  We will toss in all the ingredients you need for several bowls of aromatic comfort in a bowl.  A typical Asian add on would include:  sprouts, asian greens including something from the choi family, ginger, mint, cilantro, thai basil, onion and limes….you get the idea.
If you would like a box this week, stop on by the stand on Elm today between 10a-5p or tomorrow at Green Lab.  Message me to order an add-on or leave a note here in the comments.  Thanks!!

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