Square Foot Gardening Workshop!

Join us this Saturday April 23rd 10am-12noon at the Green Lab Urban Farm for a demonstration and talk about the Square Foot Gardening system.

Jennifer van der Fluit, Square Foot Garden expert, will facilitate a 2 hour presentation/lecture/demonstration.

Class description:
Learn a new method of gardening that eliminates long, single rows and wasted space by condensing your garden into small boxed areas! This method simplifies rows of organic produce into manageable bites, allowing you to conserve money, time and resources!  Square Foot Gardening is a wonderful activity for gardeners of any ability!  Whether you consider yourself a green thumb or a hopeless gardener, you will discover that Square Foot Gardening is the way to grow!  Jennifer van der Fluit is a certified Square Foot Gardener and teacher in Long Beach, California.  She is also a master composter.  She has been featured in the LA Times for her living mural planted in front of their Wrigley home.

If there is interest, we will schedule follow up classes: a box-building workshop and seed starting.  With a planting session on another Saturday.

Available on Saturday for purchase:
The Square Foot Gardening book –
2’x4′ and 2’x2′ boxes –
Fresh Hens’ Eggs –
Assorted produce from our farm –

To attend this class on Saturday April 23rd at 10am, there is a $10 fee that goes directly to our instructor for materials, knowledge and her precious time!  You may pay at the door.  No reservation is required. 

Please park in the LBCAP lot at 3012 Long Beach Blvd.  The class will be held in the Green Lab garden, located 1/2 block north – entrance through the alley.  Walk toward the Spring Street Farm and picnic area and turn left.  See you in the garden!!


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