Getting our ducks in a row…


White Crested is a classic breed dating back to the mid-1600’s.  Images of these funny and adorable ducks are seen in works by Dutch painters as early as 1660.  They were admitted to the American registry in 1874


The Khaki Campbell – was introduced in 1901, in Gloucestershire, England -they are popular and famous for their incredible egg production.  One Khaki Campbell laid 346 eggs in 365 days while another laid one egg a day for 225 straight days!

The Rouen – One of the most popular breeds in America.  The original breed was developed in the Normandy area of France and was given the name Rouen after the city of Rouen. Rouens are good foragers, are very calm and can produce fine quantities of eggs.

Okay – now for the best part!  I found a wonderful family owned hatchery in the Salinas Valley.  Spring break starts April 23rd, these babies are being hatched on April 25th and we will go to their farm and pick them up.  No bouncy USPS trips in a cardboard box. Frankly those crested breeds don’t handle the shipping very well.  Should be an exciting trip for us all! Now, we need to start digging the pond…


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