Before & After: Orchard

The entire 30′ x 150′ foot print of the future orchard was a 6′ high mountain of mulch. The photo above was taken Thursday, after using teen power for three days, we brought in the machine.

They are small, but mighty! Everyone of the 40 or so trees planted are getting the best possible start. The hole, the soil, the nutrients, the initial pruning. They just look like sticks right now…but you should have seen the roots!

The library of trees includes: 5 Peach, 5 Nectarine, 5 Plum, 5 Pomegranate, 5 Chocolate Persimmon, 5 Cherimoya, 3 Dragon Fruit, 5 Fig, 5 Pink Lady Apples….and going in soon, 4 Weeping Mulberries! Whew…cannot wait until next Spring!


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