Manure Happens!

One of the greatest things about Long Beach are the hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered.  After living here most of my life, I am surprised by the fact that I can still be surprised!

Last month I get a call from my friend Lisa, at the City of LB’s Environmental Resources department….she said she was on her way to look at some horse manure, would I like to join her?  Any farmer worth his/her salt is in love with free and organic fertilizer, so of course I said I would love to join her!

Just a scant few blocks from our urban farm is some urban equestrian property!  There were horses and stables all along the river when I was growing up here, but I thought they were all gone.  So I was blown away and super excited to hear about a whole block of horse property right down the street.

The ladies of horse, trash and farm cooked up an idea with the men of sustainability to divert the manure from the who knows where to where we need it less than a mile away.  So far we have received 24 barrels of un-rotted fresh manure from un-medicated organically fed horses.  That is 6,000 pounds of N-P-K equivalent fertilizer.  26 tons per year going to good use locally – I am loving that in-kind donation!


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