Aquarium Recycling Program

A lucky bunch of gals got the behind the scenes recycling tour of the Aquarium of the Pacific.  The picture is their food service manager and his small (original) worm bin, which he uses daily for food scraps and he is holding a nice handful of worms, worm castings that he will use in his garden.  The Aquarium is also home to the deluxe vermiposting system, the Worm Wigwam.  It resembles a 3-yard trash bin and comes with a high tech retrieval system, a shade structure and a $6000 price tag.  It is the perfect solution for industrial sized food waste and they are extremely forward thinking to have installed this unit at the facility.

At Green Lab, we will be composting and vermiposting the (now) old fashioned way in the smaller bins, which can be ordered through the City of LB recycling program.  Now that we have chickens to help with the process, we have less to compost.

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